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The Anatomy & Histology Laboratory is a well-equipped facility for histomorphometric analyses.  A Hobart band saw is available for gross bone dissection.  Facilities are in place for processing and embedding undecalcified histologic specimens, including a complete EXACT cutting/grinding system, a Reichert Jung Polycut and Ultra Miller, a SouthBay slow-speed diamond saw, and a Leica 1600 high-speed diamond saw.  

For soft and decalcified tissue histology, we have a Shandon tissue processor, Tes Medrite embedding center, and LKB 2218 Historange microtome.  Complete facilities are in place for staining and immunohistochemistry.  For materials characterization, we have an HP cabinet Faxitron x-ray system, Fisher Scientific vacuum oven, and a Thermolyne Type 6000 furnace.  Denford CNC milling equipment is maintained for the fabrication of materials testing specimens.  

Microscopy includes a Nikon Diaphot microscope, Nikon Microphot-SA, Nikon Optiphot microscope with Evolution Media Cybernetics color digital camera and Prior Proscan motorized stage for automatic montaging, equipped with fluorescence and plane polarized light imaging capabilities.