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Shoulder Instability Project

Shoulder instability is a very common problem, and surgeons often have to surgically repair the shoulder in an attempt to restore normal shoulder motion.  Unfortunately, it is not currently known how effective current treatments are for treating shoulder instability because accurately measuring shoulder motion – or changes in shoulder motion due to treatment – is very difficult.  However, the Herrick-Davis Motion Analysis Laboratory at Henry Ford Hospital has developed a state-of-the-art technique that is capable of measuring shoulder motion with sub-millimeter levels of accuracy.  The purpose of this study is to accurately measure shoulder motion during a clinical test for shoulder instability before and after treatment of this condition.  Accurately measuring shoulder motion will help physicians better understand how to treat shoulder instability.  You have been asked to participate in this study because: 1) you are a patient who has been diagnosed with shoulder instability or 2) you have healthy shoulders and will serve as a “control” subject for this study.

You may be eligible to participate in this study if you:

If you meet these criteria, please fill out the form below and click the ‘SUBMIT’ button.  Someone from the Henry Ford Hospital Motion Analysis Laboratory will contact you within a couple days about participating in this study.

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